Developing, printing, and testing, high-performance osseointegrative spinal implants


Developing, printing, and testing, high-performance osseointegrative spinal implants

July 24 at 12:00 EDT/ 9:00 PDT

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Dr. Shane Keaveney

Research & Development Manager

Dr. Shane Keaveney

Research & Development Manager at Croom Medical

Dr. Shane Keaveney is an accomplished expert in Digital Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing, holding a Ph.D. in kinematic error modelling of machine tools for manufacturing processes. With over a decade of academic and industrial experience, he serves as the Research & Development Manager at Croom Medical, driving innovation and leading projects funded through national and European sources. Shane's exceptional contributions include multiple published papers and a patent for a groundbreaking 3D-printed biomaterial. His role involves coordinating research and deploying industry 4.0 technologies to advance Metal Additive Manufacturing for Medical Devices, ultimately enhancing quality, and reducing costs. Alongside his pivotal role at Croom, Shane lectures material science and design for manufacturing in the Department of Design Innovation at Maynooth University.

John Laureto

Business Manager

John Laureto

Business Manager at AMPD Americas

John Laureto M.S. received his Masters of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan Technological University, USA in 2017. John has worked in a variety of manufacturing and engineering environments including materials analysis laboratories, primary steel producing and additive manufacturing.

He joined the Renishaw Inc. Additive Manufacturing Products Division (AMPD) in 2017 as an Applications Engineer focussing on process engineering and material development. John has several areas of expertise including, component metallurgy, laser parameter development and material qualification. John is now Business Manager for AMPD Americas focusing on daily operations, strategic development, customer success and industrial adoption of additive manufacturing technologies.

Webinar details

Leading orthopedic implant manufacturer Croom Medical needed a faster and more reliable way to develop osseointegrative structured spinal implants, so they turned to nTop to create multi-lattice structures and Renishaw’s Quantum technology to print the complex structures. In this webinar, you’ll get an up-close look at the project, and see how nTop and Renishaw enabled Croom Medical to produce a stronger, more effective implant in less time. Hear from Dr. Shane Keaveney, Research and Development Manager at Croom Medical, and John Laureto, AM Americas Business Manager at Renishaw. They will be joined by Mandy Rosengren, Senior Solutions Engineer at nTop.

You’ll learn:

  • How to design a medical implant with multi-lattice structures.
  • How to develop and print lattice structures using Renishaw’s L-PBF additive manufacturing technology.
  • How mechanical simulation can help you iterate quickly.

You’ll also get an up-close look at how Croom Medical uses Renishaw’s advanced AM technology, nTop’s latticing and simulation capabilities and see a real crush test performed on the implants.

The webinar will take place July 24 at 12:00 EDT/ 9:00 PDT

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