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nTop Ed

nTop Ed

Are you a student, educator, or researcher?

You may be eligible for a free non-commercial license of nTop.

Join the community

The nTop Ed community, located on Discord, is bringing together educators, researchers and students to share ideas and collaborate across institutions. We invite you to join the community to engage with your fellow nTop users. An active Educational license is required for participation.

If you have an existing nTop Educational license, please fill out the community access form, and we will reach out to you with an invite to our community.

If you would like to request a new license or renew your existing educational license, please fill out the license request form. An invite to the community will be included with the license renewal.

Why is nTop free for education?

At nTop, we are committed to supporting the academic and education community.

We fundamentally believe that students and researchers are in the best possible position to explore the huge new design possibilities that advanced manufacturing has unlocked. We want to make this exploration process as easy as possible.

Read the blog by Bradley Rothenberg, nTop’s founder and CEO, to learn why we give nTop out for free to students, educators, and academic researchers.

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