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FDM Fixture Generator

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Manufacturing aids for the factory floor

Introducing the FDM Fixture Generator. A powerful design automation tool for the modern factory. Unlock scalable 3D printing on your shop floor.

The FDM Fixture Generator

With the FDM Fixture Generator, you can automate the design of 3D printed jigs, fixtures, and masks, to streamline operations on your factory floor.

Save material costs and valuable engineering time by automatically generating custom fixtures with a couple of clicks — no work in CAD required.

video: The FDM Fixture Generator

video: The FDM Fixture Generator

Get access to the FDM Fixture Generator

Request a demo of nTop to see the FDM Fixture Generator in action. Learn how nTop’s design automation capabilities can reduce waste in your factory floor operations.

Masking Fixture Module

Create plugs, masks, and enclosures to protect parts and ensure quality during coating applications or abrasive manufacturing processes.

video: Masking Fixture Module

video: Masking Fixture Module

Use case: Surface enclosures

Castings are often expensive to produce, so it is common to repair or “remanufacture” a casting rather than replace it.

With the Masking Fixture Module, you simply select a surface, and the tool automatically generates an enclosure for any openings in that surface. 3D print the fixture and attach it to the part to protect its interiors from grease, media, or paint.

Use case: Hole plugs

Designing plugs for holes or slots is not an arduous task in traditional CAD software. But managing dozens of plugs takes a lot of time, and it is much easier to do in the FDM Fixture Generator.

The Masking Fixture Module includes a great selection of built-in features that enable you to automate the whole design process. From the ability to add a taper on your plugs to customizing their clearance for slip fit, press-fit, or interference fit.

Assembly Fixture Module

Automatically create a simple fixture for storage, transportation, or assembly simply by specifying a part file, orientation, and height.

video: Assembly Fixture Module

video: Assembly Fixture Module

Use case: Hardware kitting tray

Create a compact tray to hold hardware components for robotic or manual assembly. With support-free and automated design generation, you can reduce operator error and streamline your process.

Use the precision of AM to create fixtures that hold parts in precise orientations. Quickly see quantities remaining. Protect delicate features. Hardware kitting trays are used in lean manufacturing environments to improve efficiency and reduce time wasted due to handling errors.

Use case: Anti-rotation fixture

Adjust the height and mounting location of a custom fixture without spending enormous amounts of time. Save material and print time using the fractal infill pattern.

Create a fixture for elevating and positioning a chain wheel for fabrication and assembly. In this example, an axle can be welded to the top-facing surface of the chain-wheel. 3D printing allows users to perfectly cradle large, awkward geometry for assembly, fabrication, or shape inspection.

End-to-end solutions

Jigs and fixtures account for more than 10% of all end-use parts 3D printed today. Yet, without tools that make the design simpler, many industrial users are kept from reaching the full benefits of Additive Manufacturing on the factory floor.

That’s why we created the FDM Fixture Generator. By combining Stratasys’s FDM 3D printers with the design automation capabilities of nTop, we are developing tools to increase productivity in modern factories.

Our goal is to remove bottlenecks in design and manufacturing by maximizing efficiencies through time and material savings. Our plan is to create a series of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) workflows to empower our users to make the most out of 3D printing on the shop floor.

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