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nTop week: Engineering design

April 26–29, 2021

nTop Week: Engineering Design

Live expert talks on the future of design, engineering, and advanced manufacturing.


  • Day 1: 4/26
    • Keynote – 10:30am ET / 7:30 am PT
  • Day 2: 4/27
  • Day 3: 4/28
  • Day 4: 4/29
    • Q&A with the Team – 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT
      • *Recording not available

About nTop Week

In April 2019, we launched nTop Platform (now simply called nTop). And more than just a new Platform launch, what we actually introduced was a new paradigm in geometry creation for engineering. Since then, we have discussed and demonstrated mostly the features we introduced. However, reflecting on all of the revolutionary designs that have been enabled with nTop, now it is time to use the value of these applications and explain more about the fundamental shift in approach that we call: Engineering Design.

Over the course of nTop Week we will reintroduce the first principles of nTopand what those changes mean for design, engineering, and advanced manufacturing. You will hear from customers, partners, and academics on how nTop is changing the way they approach Engineering Design, and the value of its application. We will also host live demos, learn from the winners of our EDU Design Competition and give you the opportunity to ask questions to our product, simulation, and application engineering teams.

We are looking forward to connecting with you!