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Accelerating your time-to-value with nTop managed services

Written by Karina McDonough | SVP, Customer Success at nTop

Published on April 17, 2024

One of the benefits of leading the customer success team at nTop is the broad perspective it provides on the many innovative ways our customers are capitalizing on computational design to deliver positive outcomes for their customers and businesses.

This has helped us develop a clear understanding that, while no two customer applications are exactly the same, many best practices are universal. And our customer success team leans on the expertise we have developed – from complex heat exchanger designs for aerospace applications to porous textures promoting implant osseointegration to individually personalized helmet inserts – to directly help with your design workflows or provide customized training so you can extract the most value out of nTop technology.

We have also discovered that there are instances when our customers have a clear vision for the value they can deliver with nTop, but their current maturity or resourcing prevents them from fully realizing it. This could be due to limited engineers available for an urgent project, a need to level up your skillset in a specific area, or a desire to scale with automated workflows that make you more efficient.

Which is why I am excited to announce nTop Accelerate – a managed service offering that provides you access to our internal team of nTop experts that will deliver end-to-end workflow design and consultation for your specific project and process needs.

What is nTop Accelerate?

nTop Accelerate is a service offering that lets you tap into our nTop solution engineering team to fast-track your projects and build your knowledge along the way, getting more value from your investment in computational design faster.

These engagements typically come in one of three formats:

  • Design Services - our team of experts will oversee the end-to-end development of a nTop workflow based on your specific product requirements and goals. We handle the nTop part of the development process and partner with your teams and experts on any aspects that require your internal tools for tasks like CAD design, simulation, or analysis.
  • Training Services - in these engagements, you own the end-to-end development process and our team helps by providing a framework for that development delivered through training services. One example that we have delivered using this scope was creating a tailored approach to HEX design within nTop.
  • Custom Services - anything that falls outside of the above, we’re open to discussing to see how we can support. One example was a custom design sprint, which was a 4-week-long program that included a mix of both design & training services that sped up a customer’s product development process from ideation through to prototyping.

Boosting capacity with nTop Accelerate

blueflite is reinventing logistics with a drone-based delivery platform. Speed and maneuverability are paramount, and lightweighting is a key design requirement for their aerial delivery robots. Partnering with the nTop solution engineering team, blueflite was able to handle an extremely short turnaround on a critical modification requested by a customer while maintaining both aerodynamic and weight requirements.

nTop Accelerate provided us with the essential surge capacity we needed at a critical inflection point, ensuring our aerial robot delivery was successful. We're immensely grateful for nTop's contribution to our projects, proving to be an indispensable partner in our journey towards innovation and excellence in the UAS space.

James McClearen

Cofounder and CTO


Knowledge transfer in every engagement

An additional outcome we strive to achieve with every project is making sure we build up your team’s internal engineering and nTop expertise. That’s why we include knowledge transfer in the scope of every engagement, so you can become a more powerful user of the software while making sure the most pressing projects are completed on time. Upon project completion, your solutions engineer will spend time walking through the logic and structure of the design workflows, enabling you to apply what was learned to the success of future projects.

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Key takeaways

  • nTop Accelerate is a new offering that provides access to our internal team of nTop solution engineers with years of experience that can provide burst capacity and/or tailored training services.
  • Knowledge transfer is embedded in every engagement to build your internal expertise so it can be used to improve the outcomes of all your future projects.
  • Contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out at the link above to get started today.

Karina McDonough

SVP, Customer Success at nTop

Karina McDonough is the SVP of Customer Success at nTop, where she is responsible for creating industry-leading experiences for our customers. Karina is passionate about building teams and believes that an investment in people is at the core of what makes companies successful. Karina grew up in California but now calls New York City home, where she's considered an expert in all things dining and restaurants (if you ever need a recommendation).