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The Field-Driven Design Whitepaper

Field-Driven Design is a methodology enabled by the unique capabilities of nTop. Field-Driven Design is a radically better way to generate & control complex part geometry for engineering, manufacturing, and product development.

This whitepaper describes the general concepts of Field-Driven Design, how to create and use fields in nTop, and how to use this unique design methodology to unlock new applications.

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Download the Field-Driven Design Whitepaper

What's included in the whitepaper?

This free Field-Driven Design whitepaper will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the following:

  • The importance and relevance of field-driven design today
  • Field-driven design methods
  • Basic and advanced field-driven design techniques
  • Field-driven design benefits
  • Field-driven design with nTop

Is your software ready for additive manufacturing?

You can only reap the benefits of additive manufacturing for thermal management if you have the right engineering design tools.

Software built on transformative technology

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Design technology that will not break.

Remove design limitations and overcome fundamental challenges with our unique modeling engine.

Field-Driven Design

Your data goes in; optimized designs come out.

Feed your design workflows with real-world data, physics, and logic to harness the power of implicit modeling.

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Build processes, not just parts.

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