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Cold plates: Made better with additive manufacturing

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video of cold plates: Made better with additive manufacturing

video of cold plates: Made better with additive manufacturing

Published on July 26, 2022


Key Software Capabilities

  • Design automation
  • Lattice structures

When cooling IGBT modules and high-powered semiconductors, air cooling is often inadequate, so liquid cooling is required. Cold plates are devices that transfer heat from the hot surfaces of power electronics to the fluid of the liquid cooling system. The performance of these components is critical to the overall effectiveness of the system.

In this nTop Live, Yuki Okada, Technical Marketing Engineer, shows you how to design in nTop a fully customizable cold plate that is optimized for Additive Manufacturing and has the same form factor as a traditional alternative.

He first creates a plate with cooling channels that is manufacturable in one piece and then adds a lattice infill that improves heat transfer efficiency, reduces pressure drop, and improves manufacturability. Lastly, he condenses the entire workflow into a reusable block to quickly go through multiple design iterations of the heat exchanger.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Create a customizable additively manufactured cold plate design
  • Add lattice structures in the fluid domain to improve heat transfer efficiency
  • Package the entire process into a reusable workflow to iterate and optimize your design

Download the files

Recreate the steps that Yuki followed in this nTop Live. To download all the necessary files for this training, click here.