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Advanced lattice design for orthopedic implants

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video: Advanced lattice design for orthopedic implants

video: Advanced lattice design for orthopedic implants

Published on September 28, 2020

Key Software Capabilities

  • Surface textures
  • Lattice structures

Lattice structures play a key role in designing 3D printed medical implants with osseointegrative properties. But to differentiate your product, it may not be enough to simply apply a lattice structure to your designs. Being able to control every aspect of the lattice is essential for designing market-leading implantable orthopedic devices.

In this nTop Live, Christopher Cho, Senior Application Engineer at nTop, shows you advanced techniques for controlling and manipulating lattice structures in nTop. He uses gradients to create lattices with non-uniform properties and shows you ways to prepare your designs for manufacturing.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Modify, trim, and extend an osseointegrative lattice structure in nTop
  • Control the beam thickness and porosity of a lattice using gradient controls
  • Prepare your file for manufacturing by refining the mesh to different levels of fidelity

This is the second part in an nTop Live series focusing on implantable medical devices.

Follow this link to watch the first part.

Download the files Christopher used in this presentation here.