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Integrate SOLIDWORKS with nTop

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video: Integrate SOLIDWORKS with nTop

video: Integrate SOLIDWORKS with nTop

Published on October 14, 2020


  • General

Key Software Capabilities

  • Topology optimization

Advanced manufacturing projects frequently require a synergy of multiple engineering software tools. SOLIDWORKS is an industry standard for CAD and drafting that many nTop customers wish to incorporate into their workflow.

In this presentation, Matt Rohr, Manager of Product Support at nTop and Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, explains how to exchange design data between SOLIDWORKS CAD and nTop.

Watch and learn how to: 

  • Apply best practices for exporting SOLIDWORKS designs into nTop
  • Export nTop's topology optimization results as fully compatible SOLIDWORKS files
  • Improve the efficiency of this workflow with thoughtful application of CAD features

Download the files Matt used in this presentation here.