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Optimized heat sink design for LED lighting

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video: Optimized heat sink design for LED lighting

video: Optimized heat sink design for LED lighting

Published on June 29, 2021


Key Software Capabilities

  • Design automation

Heat sinks dissipate heat away from the LEDs and other power electronics to preserve performance and extend their service life . But how can we take advantage of the design freedom of additive manufacturing to improve the efficiency and aesthetics of heat sinks for lighting applications?

In this nTop Live, Alec Guay, Application Engineer at nTop, shows you how to create a high-performance, aesthetically pleasing, and manufacturable small-footprint heat sink. He first creates a finned body, warps it using a transfer function, and combines it with layers of discs created using custom unit cells.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Use Ramps, Transforms, and a Cylindrical Cell Map to create optimal heat sink designs
  • Create self-supporting features to improve the manufacturability of your designs
  • Design aesthetically pleasing, high-performing heat sinks for optimal heat dissipation

Download the files

Recreate the steps that Alec followed in this nTop Training. To download all the necessary files for this training, please see this link.