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Introduction to field-driven design

video: Introduction to field-driven design

video: Introduction to field-driven design

Published on January 8, 2020

nTop introduced the concept of implicit modeling for mechanical design, which is an innovative, modern, and scalable way define parts and products. It has many benefits to end-users and companies, such as the elimination of model failures, speed of changes or iterations, and scalability to name a few. But implicit modeling enables so much more. In this informational session, we'll explore a topic that is redefining product development -- field-driven design.

In short, field-driven design is a way for design, analysis, and manufacturing teams to overlay information into one engineering model. This approach enables orders of magnitude increase in design iteration speed and greatly improves collaboration between teams.

Watch this information session where we'll define field-driven design, show examples of how it enables better knowledge sharing, and show how it promotes the development of more sophisticated, highly engineered products. You'll also better understand how nTop is addressing today's engineering problems through its nTop product.