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Automotive cold plate for power electronics by Puntozero

Part consolidation and weight reduction at maximum stiffness

  • 3x

    Increased surface area

  • <200µm

    Manufacturing deviation

  • 25%

    Reduced weight

Francesco Leonardi

Co-Founder, Puntozero

The power and flexibility of nTop enabled us to manage the complexity of the DfAM process and grasp the concrete advantages of additive manufacturing.


3D-printed quad thruster enables low-cost space exploration

Lightweighting and cost savings in a less complex design

  • 67%

    Reduced weight

  • 66%

    Reduced manufacturing cost

  • 2.5x

    Factor of safety

  • 5x

    Thrust-to-weight ratio

James Horton

Mission Architect, Aerojet Rocketdyne

Every single pound of material you can remove from a spacecraft saves money on launch costs. That’s why we used nTop to optimize the design.


Osseointegrative implants designed for mass customization

Personalized medical devices that mimic bone, at scale

  • 50%

    Reduced computational processing time

  • 90%

    Reduced operational cost

  • 92%

    Fewer engineering hours

  • 100%

    Operational benchmarks met

Beth Stuart

Senior Design Engineer, SI-Bone

If you are working on an implant you are likely making many configurations and sizes of the same product. Batch processing not only saves you so much time and manual effort, but it also reduces the risk of human error.


Camera housing redesigned to enable 24/7 use

Lattices for thermal management in high-heat settings

  • 24%

    Cooler than the original design

  • 24+

    Hours of continuous use without shutdown

  • 32°C/90°F

    Operating temperature without shutdown

Tsuji Masato

Mechanical Designer, Development for Mechatronic & Software Section, Additive Manufacturing Business Center, RICOH

nTop is great for solving thermal issues because it allows us to model and test the geometry needed for heat dissipation easily and quickly.


Industrial impeller optimized for additive

Cut weight, simplify the supply chain, and automate design

  • 44%

    Weight reduction

  • 500

    Hours bench tested

Juho Raukola

Innovation Expert, Wärtsilä

We have achieved a lightweight component we would have never imagined creating before this project. This application creates new sparks for more AM applications in the marine industry.

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