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Field Optimization

Field Optimization

Generate highly engineered parts with a multi-objective and multi-scale design tool.

What is Field Optimization?

Field Optimization is a new generative design technology that enables you to solve today’s most complex engineering problems, accelerating and improving decision-making for highly engineered parts.

From requirements to parts

Generate designs that meet competing objectives and constraints in a single-step optimization process.

Eliminate manual iterations

Remove the guesswork from multi-parameter optimization to reach better design outcomes in a fraction of the time.

Innovate with confidence

Solve complex engineering challenges using the latest generative design tools to gain a competitive advantage.

Applications of Field Optimization

Field Optimization provides benefits across industries and use cases. Here are some common examples.


Achieve greater weight reduction than multi-step optimization alternatives by incorporating multiple design objectives and constraints in a single-step optimization process.

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Orthopedic implants

Generate implants with elastic properties comparable to bone to avoid stress shielding while ensuring mechanical performance and creating a textured surface that promotes bone growth.

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Consumer products

Create products that take advantage of the unique aesthetics of additive manufacturing with confidence that they will function as intended.

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How it works

Built on nTop's unique core technologies, Field Optimization is a new multi-objective, multi-scale, and single-step generative design tool that accounts for spatially varied design parameters.


Map design variables to a structure's physical response through simulation, testing, or analytical equations.


Set up objectives, constraints, and the upper and lower bounds of your design variables and run your optimization.


Automatically convert the results into editable implicit geometry for post-processing and refinement.

The latest in generative design

With nTop’s built-in optimization workflows, it’s easy to get started with Field Optimization. Advanced users can use its open architecture to create custom parametrizations.

Optimization workflows

Generate designs that get more performance from additive manufacturing parts with easy-to-use processes.

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Open architecture

Build custom optimization tools adapted to your unique requirements that encode your expert knowledge.

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Future workflows

nTop’s capabilities constantly expand, and so will the functionality of Field Optimization.

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Optimization workflows

Field Optimization is an extremely powerful technology. We made it simple to use.

Periodic lattice optimization

Generate lightweight structures with an optimized shape and lattice thickness for nTop's beam, TPMS, and honeycomb unit cells.

Shell optimization

Create hollow structures with variable shell thickness tailored to your operating conditions — with or without a lattice infill.

Voronoi lattice optimization

Generate 3D-printed foams with variable cell size and beam thickness to meet stiffness requirements for your loading conditions.

*More optimization workflows are coming soon.

Open architecture

Encode expert knowledge to build custom optimization tools with zero lines of code.

Custom unit cells

Expand the functionality of Field Optimization to custom lattice structures.

Material test data

Incorporate experimental data for even more realistic optimization results.

Custom workflows

Create optimization processes tailored to your specific needs or manufacturing process.

Future workflows

We are constantly expanding the capabilities of our software. Here are some functionalities we are exploring with Field Optimization for future workflows.

Shape optimization

Modify your initial shape boundary based on performance or manufacturability constraints.

Thermomechanical optimization

Define mechanical and thermal constraints to generate parts optimized for both heat transfer and structural performance.

Beyond additive manufacturing

Apply Field Optimization to parts designed for traditional manufacturing processes, such as machining, casting, or molding.

FAQ on Field Optimization

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