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nTop Core

nTop Core

nTop Core is a developer library that enables you to create applications that can interact with implicit models natively, without losing geometric precision or design intent.

Integrate implicit models into your software to simplify workflows

nTop Core enables your applications to connect with implicit files directly, meaning your customers can avoid time-consuming conversions to B-rep or STL mesh. The result is a seamless process that results in higher fidelity designs and better-performing parts.

Remove bottlenecks and unnecessary data translations in your customers' software stack

nTop Core partners are helping their users streamline their development process through direct integrations between software.

Build prep

Efficiently prepare builds without cumbersome meshes.


Incorporate implicit designs into product assemblies.


Prepare models for simulation directly from implicit geometry.

Expand your capabilities with nTop Core

With nTop Core, you can:

Make nTop's data and advanced design functionality available in other software

Provide a broader range of solutions to our mutual customers.

Get lossless representations, not mesh approximations.

Join the growing ecosystem of software using implicit modeling

Ready to integrate nTop Core?

Apply to become an nTop partner so you can access the nTop Core library.