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Advanced manufacturing webinar series

Webinar series

A journey through advanced manufacturing in 2021

Learn how nTop, ANSYS, Synopsys, EOS, and North Star Imaging (NSI) developed a compact heat exchanger leveraging their most advanced engineering capabilities.

Leveraging state of the art design, simulation, build, inspection, and test to bring next generation products to market

In this unique and virtual collaborative project, multiple industry leaders from nTop, ANSYS, Synopsys, EOS, and North Star Imaging (NSI) took on the challenge to develop a clean slate, rapid design of a traditional heat exchanger leveraging their most advanced capabilities that our companies offered.

As a result, the new design is:

  • 80% lighter
  • 40% smaller in form-factor
  • 40x more efficient in heat transfer than conventional technology

The agility of the team’s participants enabled the entire process to be completed in less than 4 months. This included all the critical steps of design, simulations, inspection, and testing.

As part of this 6-part webinar series, you will learn how you can leverage common and commercially available solutions to replicate similar advancements in your own product development.

Below you’ll find the date and time for each webinar, the webinar description, and who should attend. Visit the main registration page to sign up and attend this series. You only need to sign up one time. You will receive a confirmation email as well as reminder emails for each webinar.


Advanced manufacturing revolution – Leveraging a new paradigm for growth

nTop, ANSYS, Synopsys

This session will cover

  • The key technologies necessary for rapid innovation and execution of this project using advanced manufacturing technology
  • Project logistics, timelines, and ROI-related metrics
  • How to extract maximum value from an existing design, simulation, and inspection tools

Who should attend

  • Technology leaders and managers



Additive manufacturing (AM) is gaining popularity among manufacturers across many industries, but in order to ensure the optimal part design before going into production, a design, simulation, fabrication, testing, and quality assurance workflow needs to be put in place, which can be a daunting task, to say the least.

Since AM is a relatively new domain, different parts of the design to manufacture process tend to happen ad-hoc or in silos without much cross-pollination among the many groups and subject matter experts involved. Therefore, validating 3D-printed parts remains a large challenge. Manufacturers need to not only understand how to leverage new design techniques that have become available through AM, but also to make sure these designs lead to optimized build success, minimized deviations from original designs, and maximized performance when in use.

Join us for this first of six webinars in this series: A Journey Through Advanced Manufacturing in 2021 to learn about how you can leverage common and commercially available solutions to replicate similar advancements in your own product development.


Design process with simulation

nTop, ANSYS, Synopsys

Who should attend

  • Designers, simulation analysts, and their managers



Leveraging state-of-the-art design and simulation tools to produce higher-performing heat exchangers in volume-constrained applications is the focus of this presentation.

In collaboration with ANSYS, nTop is demonstrating how the next-generation of implicit geometry representations can be used to drive the future of heat exchanger designs. We will discuss how we can leverage the power of implicit modeling to generate complex surfaces that provide incredible gains in heat exchanger performance.

May 13

Simulation to reality: Using additive manufacturing solutions to optimize and print


This session will cover

  • Ansys and EOS will discuss the build process optimization and the successful printing in the first attempt.
  • The Additive Manufacturing simulations used to optimize the build process and support design.

Who should attend

  • Designers and Additive Manufacturing Engineers and their managers


May 27

CT scanning of the part and image-based inspection

NSI, Synopsys

This session will cover

  • NSI and Synopsys will discuss the CT scanning process and how the 3D image data was used for Inspection
  • Complete image processing including defect detection, CAD comparison and porosity analysis.

Who should attend

  • Machine operators, Quality Control Engineers, and their managers


June 10

Reverse engineering and validation

Synopsys, ANSYS, Stress Engineering Services

This session will cover

  • Synopsys and Ansys discusses the process of reverse engineering of image data.
  • Efficiently convert image data into multi-domain and error free volumetric FE meshes.
  • Comparison of heat exchanger performance for the as-built vs as-designed models.

Who should attend

  • Analysts, Quality Control Engineers, and their managers


June 24

Panel discussion

nTop, ANSYS, EOS, NSI, Synopsys, Stress Engineering Services

This session will cover:

This live panel will be moderated by Kerim Genc from Synopsys. The discussion will focus on the entire workflow and implications of mass-production. They will talk about what could go wrong and step-by-step challenges.

Who should attend

  • Everyone interested in implementing Additive Manufacturing within their organization


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