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Design analysis

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Design analysis

nTop's Design Analysis toolkit enables you to seamlessly analyze your products in a single, connected process and make informed design decisions right up front. Use this Toolkit to accelerate your design and analysis workflow, giving you more time to optimize your product and therefore avoiding costly changes later in the development cycle.

Performance-driven, functional design.

By leveraging nTop’s advanced modeling technology, simulation data can be used to directly control any geometric parameter, enabling you to optimize your products in new, innovative ways.

video: design analysis

video: design analysis

More iterations in less time.

Link your entire workflow and watch analysis results automatically update as you make design changes, giving you the ability to explore the design space, understand the key trade-offs, and make informed design decisions.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Connect to the CAE tools that are already used within your organization to streamline your end-to-end product development cycle.

Export finite element meshes, materials, and complete models to various formats including Abaqus, ANSYS, Nastran, Patran, and LS-DYNA.


Support for spatially-varying isotropic, orthotropic, and homogenized materials.

Mesh generation

Automated mesh generation for triangular, quad, and quad-dominated surface meshes and tetrahedral volume meshes. Support for linear and quadratic finite elements.

Analysis types

Support for linear static, modal, and buckling structural analysis as well as steady-state thermal analysis. Contact us if you’re interested in nonlinear capabilities.

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