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Medical devices

Medical device design software

Minimize design time, automate validated workflows, and improve ergonomics with the most advanced medical device design software for additive manufacturing.

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Leverage nTop’s advanced capabilities to design and develop revolutionary medical products for additive manufacturing.

Transform the standard of care

Create transformative products by using simulation and manufacturing data to drive field-driven design.

Create repeatable and reusable workflows

Use repeatable workflows to ensure compliance, freeing up time to explore more design iterations, and make better products.

Establish a traceable design process

Seamlessly document and report on every step of your medical device design process to comply with regulations.

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Learn how mass customization for medical devices can be leveraged to reap many rewards for patients and medical practitioners.

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Medical applications

Implantable orthopedic devices

Promote osseointegration by using nTop’s unrivaled lattice generation tools to create complex structures that mimic the properties of bone.

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Osseointegrative surface lattices

Periodic lattice structures

Stochastic lattice structures

Custom lattice unit cells

Patient-specific solutions

Improve outcomes by leveraging patient-specific data to automatically generate customized devices.

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Patient-specific scan data

Conformal device design

Mass customization

Ergonomics, comfort, and aesthetics

Design more comfortable, better-looking medical devices with nTop’s next-generation suite of tools.

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Surface texturing

Foam replacement

Workflow automation

Create repeatable workflows that can be batch processed to save engineering time and eliminate manual errors.

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design exploration

Design of experiments

Batch processing

Process reporting

IMR and Renishaw streamline the additive manufacturing of spinal implants

The engineers of Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) and Renishaw used nTop to develop a new additive spinal implant that uses a porous lattice design to promote osseointegration. The implant is easier to print thanks to field-driven design and reusable workflows.

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