LP - nTop x Materialise EAP registration page

nTop x Materialise Early Access Program

We’re looking for high-performance engineering teams seeking to accelerate your development process by transferring product designs created in nTop natively to Materialise Magics for fast, high-quality build preparation and slicing.

Apply now: Limited spots available

Why join the Early Access Program?

We have partnered with Materialise to eliminate the non-value-added step of implicit-to-mesh conversion so lightweight files can be easily exchanged between nTop and Magics.

Get priority access

Be the first to take advantage of faster high-quality build preparation.

Influence development

Provide feedback and guide the future of key interoperability features.

Faster workflows

Speed up design-to-manufacturing with translation-free processes.

Scale performance

Use advanced geometries with the confidence of knowing your design can be made.

Program timeline

Phase 1 - Early Access starting in Q3 2024

In this initial phase, we’re inviting 10 companies to join the Early Access Program. These leading organizations will work closely with our team to refine and shape the future of implicit interoperability in Magics.

Phase 2 - Technology Preview starting in Q1 2025

Once Phase 1 is complete, we’ll be expanding the program to include 20 additional companies. This is your chance to get ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge in the additive manufacturing landscape.