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Implicit Interop

Implicit Interop

Transfer your most complex designs in megabytes, not gigabytes.

What is Implicit Interop?

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Implicit Interop is a new data transfer technology specifically built to address the challenges created by additive manufacturing. Implicit Interop allows you to transfer design data between nTop, manufacturing, CAD, and CAE software using the nTop Implicit File (.implicit) file format.

nTop Implicit File

Transfer design data of complex 3D models using a lightweight file format based on implicit modeling.

Software connections

Directly import nTop Implicit Files into manufacturing, design, and simulation software using native connections and plug-ins.

nTop Core

Implement Implicit Interop functionality into your software easily with our developer library.

Benefits of the nTop Implicit File format

The nTop Implicit File format offers significant advantages over existing mesh-based or B-rep-based data formats.


Implicit Files are generated in seconds and only a few megabytes in size. They can be up to 99% smaller than traditional meshes and generated 500x faster.


Implicit Files are lossless geometry representations based on mathematical functions. Unlike other formats, no surface approximations are used to represent the geometry.


Implicit files can support full parametric editing in the receiving software. They are not just solid objects without feature definitions.

Implicit Interop in nTop


Create a design that leverages the benefits of additive manufacturing.


Save your design as an nTop Implicit File and export in seconds.


Open your file in a supported receiving software and continue your work.

Manufacturing software connections

We have partnered with leaders in additive manufacturing to bring this capability to the industry.

*More software connections are coming soon.

nTop Plugin for EOSPRINT

Import parts designed in nTop to EOSPRINT and manufacture them directly from an implicit design file.

Case study

Siemens Energy

Printing a previously unmanufacturable heat exchanger.

Siemens used nTop to design high-performance, geometrically complex heat exchangers, but exporting to a mesh at the required accuracy threatened to derail manufacturing. Using nTop Implicit Interop, Siemens imported an nTop Implicit File directly to EOSPRINT for slicing. The nTop Implicit File was ~1MB, 99% smaller than a mesh, and it was generated 500x faster.

nTop Core

We offer our partners a developer library that enables you to implement Implicit Interop functionalities in your software. Contact us to learn more.

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