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nTop Automate

nTop Automate

Multiply the impact of your engineers with programmatic design automation at scale.

Why use nTop Automate?

nTop Automate enables you to execute design workflows at scale in a programmatic environment.

Design automation

Make design automation easy and combine inputs from different sources to build more intelligent workflows using nTop’s command line interface (CLI).


Run nTop workflows from a variety of programming environments and process automation tools. Execute on a desktop, a server, or the cloud.

Streamlined deployment

Create and update workflows without specialized software development skills, and connect with CAD, CAE, or MDO tools to enhance your process.

How does nTop Automate work?

Easily build reusable design processes with minimal programming skills.


Create your ideal nTop workflow and prepare it for automation.


Run nTop files headlessly through the command line or write scripts.


Execute nTop Automate either on a desktop, a server, or in the cloud.

Use cases for nTop Automate

A practical way to implement design automation into your processes

Batch processing

Modify a large number of similar products all at once using scripts.

  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Automatically generate product families.
  • Offload heavy computations to a server.

Design exploration

Explore a wider design space faster with computational design of experiments.

  • Generate and evaluate more designs.
  • Run DoEs to identify the highest performer.
  • Integrate with CAD, CAE, or MDO tools.

Mass customization

Deploy mass customization processes to a production environment.

  • Automate personalized design generation.
  • Create unbreakable design processes.
  • Combine inputs from many data sources.

Case study

LightForce brings to market fully-custom dental braces

LightForce Orthodontics used the design automation capabilities of nTop to reduce dental brace design time by 60-fold. Their patient-specific braces result in 33% faster installation and better patient outcomes.

Supported operating systems

nTop Automate runs on both Windows and Linux, unlocking a number of benefits for users.

  • Develop automations in a familiar OS.
  • Unlock more economical cloud computing.
  • Use available on-premise HPC resources.

Take your nTop experience to the next level with nTop Automate.