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Thermal management

The latest advancements in thermal management design

High-performance heat exchangers ensure that products perform safely and efficiently, extending their operational lifetime and increasing their reliability.

If you need to optimize heat exchangers for high-performing thermal efficiency, browse our library of resources below.


Get an up-close look at various computational design techniques and how they can help you design more efficient heat exchangers.

Learn about using nTop for advanced thermal management.


Read about the latest innovations in thermal management and find out how they can help you design better products, speed up your workflows, and stay ahead of the competition.

Optimizing thermal management with conformal cooling to extend operational life

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Advancing structural performance of aerospace heat exchangers

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Transforming industrial hardware supply chains with additive manufacturing

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KW Micro Power reduced the temperature of a compact turbogenerator by 33%

KW Micro Power redesigned the housing of their aerospace-grade, high-power-density, compact turbogenerator to take advantage of additive manufacturing with integrated conformal cooling channels. Using optimization and shelling techniques, they reduced the housing’s weight by 44% and reduced the temperature by 33%.

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