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Thermal management

Design high-efficiency heat exchangers

Maximize heat transfer, minimize pressure drop, and reduce size and weight with nTop.

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Why choose nTop for thermal management?

nTop helps leading companies across industries capitalize on the latest advancements in high-performance heat exchanger design and manufacturing to realize better thermal efficiency outcomes.

24% cooler operation

Reduce operating temperature: RICOH designed a camera housing that's 24% cooler and runs 24+ hours without shutting down.

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300% larger heat transfer surface

Increase heat transfer and lower weight:Puntozero developed a liquid-cooled cold plate with a gyroid lattice and flow guides. The resulting design is 25% lighter and increases the heat transfer surface by 300%.

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50% smaller part optimized for heat transfer

Accomplish more in fewer parts: Cobra Aero swapped fins for a lattice structure to produce a design with equal performance at half the size.

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33% temperature reduction

Better cooling, more power: KW Micro Power used a conformal cooling approach to reduce motor temperature while reducing the weight of the component by 44%.

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nTop’s critical tools for thermal management with additive manufacturing

nTop features four powerful tools to help you design higher-performing parts that manage heat efficiently, all within your existing workflows.

Robust lattice design

Triply Periodic Minimal Surface (TPMS) lattices have a large surface-to-volume ratio, making them ideal for heat exchangers. Look for the ability to generate and modify complex, scalable lattice structures with variable thickness and smooth transitions quickly.

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Simulation-driven design

Rather than interpret results manually, look for capabilities to use CFD thermal maps and flow fields to directly control critical lattice parameters and the location, density, and orientation of flow or thermal guides.

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Ensure your tools work together. Your design software should also be able to integrate with other design, analysis, and production software critical to your overall workflow.

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Get our thermal management guide.

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KW Micro Power reduced the temperature of a compact turbogenerator by 33% with nTop

KW Micro Power used nTop to redesign the housing of their aerospace-grade, high-power-density, compact turbogenerator for metal additive manufacturing. Using Field Optimization and shelling, they reduced the housing’s weight by 44% and reduced the temperature by 33%.

See how nTop thermal management can help you lead your industry.

nTop has the tools you need to get parts with advanced thermal efficiency to market fast.