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Aesthetic design

Aesthetic design

Create unique products and accelerate your process with next-generation design software for additive manufacturing.

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Aesthetic design for additive manufacturing (AM)

Aesthetic design with additive manufacturing creates opportunities for engineers and designers to create innovative products with unique form and function.

Improve functionality

With fewer design limitations, designers can use AM to create products that are easier to use and more ergonomic.

Improve aesthetics

From footwear and jewelry to car accessories, designers can leverage nTop to design a completely unique look and feel to their products.

Rapidly design and iterate

Additive manufacturing enables rapid iteration and prototyping so designers can create better products and get them to market quickly.

Design sustainable products

Additive manufacturing enables designers to reduce waste and meet the demand for greener products.

Industry applications of aesthetic design

Aesthetic design for additive manufacturing helps create more innovative and competitive products across a range of industries.

Consumer products

The principles of aesthetic design and additive manufacturing are used across sports equipment, protective equipment, footwear, and luxury products to enhance user comfort, improve aesthetics, and create differentiation in product lines.

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Medical device industry

Aesthetic design for AM unlocks new opportunities to improve the finished look and ergonomics of medical devices, such as handheld and electronic instruments.

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Automotive industry

Aesthetic design for AM can reduce development time, improve functionality, differentiate products, and enhance the aesthetics of custom automotive accessories, exteriors, and interiors.

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nTop has powerful aesthetic design tools for additive manufacturing.

Lattice structures

Generate complex lattices in seconds with the most comprehensive toolset for lattice design and optimization.

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Design automation

Encode your expertise in a block-based visual programing environment. Scale your design processes with scripting.

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Real-time visualization

Make changes to the most complex geometry in seconds. See your designs update in real-time with GPU acceleration.


Apply textures for function or aesthetics to the surface of any part using nTop’s built-in 3D texturing tools or imported bitmaps.


Generate ribs and surface lattices that conform to the shape of any part and optimize them for strength and manufacturability.


Generate perforation patterns with thousands of elements on the surface of any part. Control the hole shape, size, spacing, and direction.

Software built on transformative technology

Implicit Modeling

Design technology that will not break.

Remove design limitations and overcome fundamental challenges with our unique modeling engine.

Field-Driven Design

Your data goes in; optimized designs come out.

Feed your design workflows with real-world data, physics, and logic to harness the power of implicit modeling.

Design Process Automation

Build processes, not just parts.

Create reusable workflows and algorithmic processes that save you time and empower your team to scale.

Take your aesthetic design to the next level.

nTop has the tools you need to maximize the benefits of AM.