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Lattice structures

Lattice generation software

Achieve next-level performance with the most comprehensive toolset for lattice design and optimization.

Why use nTop for lattice structures?

Lightning-fast lattice generation

Generate complex, scalable lattice structures, with variable thickness and smooth transitions, in seconds.

Complete control over lattice design

Control and fine-tune lattices for performance or aesthetics using field-driven design.

Robust and reusable design processes

Reuse and automate design workflows to accelerate your process and scale.

Applications of lattice structures

Engineers use lattice structures across many applications to design innovative parts with tailored mechanical or thermal properties.

Isogrid Conformal Rocket Nozzle


Minimize weight and material usage to optimize aerospace and automotive parts.

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Aerospace Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler

Heat exchangers

Maximize thermal exchange and guide flow in advanced heat exchangers and filters.

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Conformal Lattice Helmet Liner

Energy absorption

Architect materials for vibration, sound, and shock absorption into industrial products and sports equipment.

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Textured Spinal ALIF with Lidinoid


Decrease post-surgery rehabilitation times with osseointegration, which promotes bone growth.

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Bicycle Seat with Voronoi Lattices

3D-printed foams

Create custom cushioning using variable lattice structures with tailored mechanical behavior.

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Optimized Foot Rest

Product design

Create designs with unique aesthetics and improve the ergonomics of premium consumer products.

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Types of lattice structures

There is a wide range of unit cell types, from graph to surface-based lattice structures, each of which is appropriate for different applications.


For lightweight structures with excellent strength-to-weight ratio. 


For structures with high compression strength and directional stiffness.


For porous foam-like structures that approximate isotropy at larger sizes.


For structures with large surface area, high stiffness, and excellent manufacturability.

Aerojet Rocketdyne logo

Aerojet Rocketdyne

Light, reliable quad thruster enables low-cost space exploration

Aerojet Rocketdyne used nTop’s shell-and-infill latticing capability to develop a RCS quad thruster that is 67% lighter and 66% less expensive than competing solutions.

Is your software ready for additive manufacturing?

Traditional software isn’t built to take full advantage of new opportunities for engineers. Maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing with the best advanced latticing tools available.