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Design automation

Design automation software

Automate repetitive engineering tasks with the most advanced design software for additive manufacturing.

Why use nTop for design automation?

Reusable design workflows

Create reusable workflows that automate repetitive tasks and capture engineering knowledge and design intent.

Design at scale with batch processing

Automatically run workflows and process entire product families with hundreds of parts without any manual intervention.

Optimization and DoE

Explore the design space to develop products using statistical methods and automated Design of Experiments (DoE).

Applications of design automation with additive manufacturing

Leverage design automation with nTop to streamline your processes and design cutting-edge 3D-printed products.

Batch processing

Automate repetitive tasks by modifying a large number of similar parts quickly without manual work.

Design exploration

Generate a large number of design candidates and identify the variation that best meets the design requirements.

Mass customization

Generate an indefinite number of unique designs over time, based on new inputs, in a production environment

SI-BONE logo

Latticed additive implants designed at scale with batch processing

SI-BONE developed a novel osseointegrative lattice structure and used design automation to apply it to a product family with 70+ unique parts in under 6 hours — with full traceability.

Is your software ready for additive manufacturing?

Traditional software isn’t built to take full advantage of new opportunities for engineers. Maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing with the best design automation tools available.