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Design lighter, better-performing parts.

Decrease weight while meeting structural requirements to improve performance.

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Why choose nTop for lightweighting?

nTop’s lightweighting tools can help you achieve design objectives that aren’t possible with CAD alone. By adding nTop to your existing workflows, you can unlock tangible, high-impact results.

50% lighter CubeSat assembly

Design lighter, better parts: U.S. Air Force designed a CubeSat bus assembly that's 50% lighter, 20% stiffer, and 80% fewer parts.

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66% less expensive quad thruster

Lower manufacturing costs: Aerojet Rocketdyne developed an RCS quad thruster that’s 67% lighter and 66% less expensive than competing solutions.

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60% fewer components

Accomplish more in fewer parts: DMG Mori made their Robo2Go system easier to manufacture and assemble with 60% fewer components.

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70% faster gripper production

Get products to market faster: Preziosa Francesco SRL designed lighter industrial robot grippers that could be produced 70% faster.

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nTop’s critical tools for lightweighting with additive manufacturing

nTop features four powerful tools to help you design parts that are lighter, more efficient, and more precise.

Lattice structures

Generate complex, scalable lattice structures, with variable thickness and smooth transitions, in seconds.

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Topology optimization

Drastically reduce material cost and design time with automated topology optimization and post-processing workflows.

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Variable shelling

Reduce weight with variable shelling, where shell thicknesses can be driven by data, such as simulation results, for optimized designs.

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Conformal ribbing

Use ribbing to conform to any complex surface, enabling thinner walls without sacrificing structural integrity.

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Topology optimization and reusable workflows create lighter, more precise robotic end-effector

The engineers of DMG MORI’s ADDITIVE INTELLIGENCE team redesigned their Robo2Go head for additive manufacturing using nTop. The new design is 62% lighter, has 60% fewer components, and improves the handling precision of the robot by a factor of 16x.

See what lightweighting can do for your parts.

nTop has the tools you need to get lighter, more efficient parts to market fast.