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Automotive design software

Get high-performance, additively manufactured parts on cars and stay ahead of the competition.

Create safe, high-performing automotive parts with precision using nTop’s advanced tools for design and workflow management.

Meet program weight and performance goals

Leverage field-driven design to develop transformative products that integrate design, simulation, and manufacturing data.

Capture and reuse engineering knowledge

Standardize best practices, empower collaboration, and jumpstart projects quickly with reusable workflows.

Streamline and automate processes

Automate workflows and processes, improve efficiency, and reduce repetitive tasks with notebooks and command-line tools.

Automotive applications

Structural lightweighting

Make lighter automotive parts with an extensive set of design tools like topology optimization, lattice and gyroid structures, perforation patterns, variable shelling, and isogrid ribs.

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Load path visualization

Part consolidation

Topology optimization

Aerospace Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler

Lattice infills

Variable shelling

Architected materials

Improve the passenger experience by creating more comfortable and safe parts with complex geometries that could only be made with 3D printing.

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Tailored material properties

Advanced lattice structures

Multifunctional optimization

Foam replacement

Data-driven design

Beat program deadlines by creating and evaluating more design concepts directly informed by simulation and analysis.

Reusable simulation processes

design exploration

Design of experiments

Finite element analysis

Field optimization

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Lighter liquid-cooled plate created with advanced lattice generation and reusable workflows

Puntozero used nTop to redesign the power electronics in Dynamis PRC’s electric race car for additive manufacturing. The result was a 25% lighter liquid-cooled heat sink with flow guides that increased the heat transfer surface area by 300%.

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