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Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) for Metal Processes

Virtual speaker series

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) for Metal Processes

In this speaker series, experts in the field of Design for Additive Manufacturing will discuss applications for metal 3D printing and the constant trade off between engineering requirements and design for the manufacturing process.

Oftentimes, we hear 3D printing discussed in terms of ‘design freedom’ and ‘complexity is free’ but the reality is that constraints can bring these lofty ideas to a grinding halt. Our presenters aim to inspire and educate those exploring the ‘design freedoms’ offered by AM while simultaneously addressing the inherent design constraints of AM processes.

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Introducing the Design for Additive Manufacturing for Metal Series

Flexible metal - leveraging powerful design tools to create compliant medical devices

Additive manufacturing in orthopedics – lattice structures

Designing heat exchangers for additive manufacturing

Above and beyond traditional structures for liquid cooling

Design brief: The Aurelius Mk1 turbine core

Design for additive manufacturing: Turning the hype into a reality

Elevating design and cutting costs - structural lightweighting

Lightweighting with cellular materials: Insights from nature

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