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Design for manufacturing

Design for manufacturing

Meet production requirements by optimizing your designs with nTop's design for manufacturing (DFM) tools.

Benefits of design for manufacturing

DFM can unlock faster manufacturing and product development, lower production costs, and reduce risk.

Speed up manufacturing cycles

You can speed up cycle times and prepare files for manufacturing faster using DFM.

Lower production cost

DFM reduces the overall cost of production, including post-processing, quality control, and assembly.

Develop products faster

DFM can help you get products to market faster by reducing the need for feedback cycles.

Reduce risk

Ensuring your parts are designed for manufacturing decreases the risk of costly design changes late in the design process.

Applications of design for manufacturing

DFM helps alter, optimize, and prepare designs to meet your manufacturing requirements.

Build preparation

Use nTop to manage AM production requirements like build orientation, support structures, serialization workflows, part slicing, and data transfer to external software.

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Model compensation

nTop's advanced modeling capabilities enable you to compensate models directly from simulation data to account for deformation during manufacturing.

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Design for additive manufacturing (DfAM)

nTop enables you ensure manufacturability from the start by allowing you to design self-supporting structures, lightweight parts automatically by applying a shell and lattice infill, and run topology optimizations.

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nTop’s critical tools for DFM

Lattice structures

Generate complex lattices in seconds with the most comprehensive toolset for lattice design and optimization.

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Apply textures for function or aesthetics to the surface of any part using nTop’s built-in 3D texturing tools or imported bitmaps.


Generate perforation patterns with thousands of elements on the surface of any part. Control the hole shape, size, spacing, and direction.

Design automation

Encode your expertise in a block-based visual programing environment. Scale your design processes with scripting.

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Build preparation

Create automated build preparation processes for additive manufacturing and ensure your designs are ready for production.


Build reusable processes to generate robust and high-quality meshes for design analysis, manufacturing, or other downstream processes.

Implicit Interop

Transfer your most complex designs from nTop to manufacturing, CAD, and CAE without a mesh using the nTop Implicit File format.

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Connect nTop to CAD, CAE, CAM, PLM, and other software with scripting. Import and export data in a variety of file types.

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Software built on transformative technology

Implicit Modeling

Design technology that will not break.

Remove design limitations and overcome fundamental challenges with our unique modeling engine.

Field-Driven Design

Your data goes in; optimized designs come out.

Feed your design workflows with real-world data, physics, and logic to harness the power of implicit modeling.

Design Process Automation

Build processes, not just parts.

Create reusable workflows and algorithmic processes that save you time and empower your team to scale.

Ready to optimize your designs for manufacturing?